Tank Pumping Instructions

Media Compartment Pumping 500 Thru 1500 GPD Plants:

  1. Jet service technicians must air clean the media tank before pumping.
  2. Remove tank access covers. Remove aerator(s). Always place aerator so shaft and foam restrictor do not contact any surface. You can lean aerator against the mounting casting as long as the shaft is pointing straight up. Even a small bend in the shaft will shorten the aerator’s lifespan.
  3. The pumping hole in some media is very small (see 1500 gpd drawing). Take extreme care not to touch any part of the media with the pump hose or the tip of the pump hose - serious damage can occur if the media is stressed by the vacuum or the hose.
  4. The hole in the media center can not be seen from the surface. Carefully lower the hose down the center of the mounting casting, through the hole in the media, and down to the bottom of the tank.
  5. Pump tank until empty and carefully remove hose. Use caution not to touch the media with the hose as the hose is being removed.
  6. Rinse out all compartments and pump out residual water.
  7. Reinstall aerator(s) and access covers.