Customer Service

Your On Site Sewage Facility experience begins with a call to our office– 830-249-8098 or 800- 869-2783, fax 830-249-4791 or 800-347-8614 or email: or


It has been our experience over the past 20 plus years we have been in the On Site Sewage Facility business that when a new home owner is happy, the builder is happy, and our service people are happy.


It has also been our experience that most of the new home owners have never had to worry about their sewage treatment. In the city a new home owner may not know they are even paying a sewer impact fee–probably already built into the price of the lot along with all of the other impact fees. They may even notice on their monthly utility bill there is a charge for sewage. Moving into the country can be a major surprise—if care isn’t taken by the builder and the home owner working together in the early planning stages–the OSSF may become a major issue.



Our happiest homeowners are most likely those who have a major say in what kind of OSSF, or brand of OSSF, and its impact on other plans for their lot–ie swimming pool, sports court, tool shed, or even garden and yard landscaping. We pride ourselves in helping new homeowners moving to the country for the first time. It starts with being able to talk to a real person when a question arises. Our experienced staff are always available and can give you answers or get a professional on the line who can. We like to give new homeowners a “walk through” once they are settled into their new home. When homeowners are happy—we are happy.



We want to provide the very best service at a reasonable cost. We would prefer to lose a job if we have to cut corners to entice a customer and know afterwards he may be unhappy with the job.

We provide the best service in the industry after job is finished. If there are any problems or mistakes by our workers detected after the fact we always make it right. Our staff will help gather the information needed to secure a permit from the local agent of TCEQ–usually the county environmental health department.



Wastewater Treatment from planning to service of final installation is our only business. We have made a conscious effort not to be enticed to other sidelines. We do not install pools, build roads, pour slabs, etc. We have decided to focus on wastewater. We provide professional engineering designs. One of our staff and partner in the company is a registered sanitarian. Three persons in our company are licensed to perform site evaluations. Three persons have installer II licenses. One of the owners holds a TCEQ Class C Wastewater license. Our staff has a number of personnel who hold a license to service aerobic treatment systems. Records will show that our service personnel respond within hours from the time an emergency call is made to our office. We have over 2500 service contracts on aerobic treatment units. We service our own Jet brand and several other brands of aerobic treatment units.