About South Texas Wastewater

About Us

South Texas Wastewater Treatment (STWT) opened for business in 1986 with Dr. O. David Graham P.E. as owner/operator. The company started with the intention of offering local residents other options for wastewater treatment and disposal. Conventional septic systems installed in rock were not only expensive in areas where blasting was required to install lateral lines, but also threatened to contaminate well water. JET Inc. offered a wonderful solution to both problems, a treatment system which would encourage the use of aerobic bacteria to treat the wastewater allowing the effluent to be either pumped to a shallow pressure dosed system (LPP), or sprayed on the surface. STWT was one of the first companies in San Antonio and surrounding areas to introduce aerobic treatment.

Dr. Graham invited his son-in -law, Bruce Cobabe, to be his partner in 1994 Bruce brought his knowledge of sales and a vision of growth which took the company to new heights expanding sales and installation in both residential and commercial applications. The company continued to grow and increase in sales and installations almost exclusively by word of mouth. In 1999 the pair were joined by Dr. Graham’s son Ron Graham to help run the growing company in designs, installations of residential systems, and inspections.


South Texas Wastewater Treatment is a family run business that prides itself in remembering that the customers, exceeding 3,000, are the ones that have helped this company to grow, and STWT regularly strives to make each customer feel as if they are the only one the company services. After 23 years of business in the hill country and surrounding areas, STWT still does not actively advertise and business continues to increase significantly. The owners and employees of STWT are truly committed to excellence in designs, installation and service of residential and commercial systems.


About Jet Inc.

Since its inception, STWT has been a distributor of JET Inc products. As new equipment and new distributors of aerobic treatment have sprung up over the years, STWT has always looked at the technology to see if perhaps a better product existed for the customers, but STWT has continued to distribute JET products, very pleased with the companies track record and their own sizeable advancements in the wastewater treatment arena. JET Inc. has proven that not all aerobic treatment units are equal, and STWT is pleased to be able to offer the superior treatment of JET’s systems to our residential and commercial customers. For further information on JET Inc., we strongly encourage customers and potential customers to visit JET’s website or contact them directly.